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Financial Disclosure Filing System

Welcome to the BEGA Online Filing System. This web-based reporting system allows Lobbyists, and Public Officials to submit online financial reports.

New Filers:

Any individual Filing a Financial Disclosure Statement should have previously received the Electronic Filing and Reporting System (EFRS) Login Information from the Board of Ethics and Government Accountability in a reminder letter stating the reporting obligations. If necessary, please contact BEGA for the login details.

ATTENTION: This is the Board of Ethics and Government Accountability webpage for Financial Disclosure Filing. This webpage only allows access for financial disclosure electronic filing. For lobbyist-related matters, please visit the "Lobbyists" tab on BEGA's homepage.
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Filing instructions, training materials, and FAQ's are available on the BEGA website. Should you have any questions concerning electronic filing or your reporting obligations, please contact BEGA at (202) 481-3411 or email the BEGA Financial Disclosure mailbox at